St.Luke Catholic Hospital and college of Nursing and Midwifery. The only referral Hospital in South West Shoa, between Addis Ababa and Jimma covering 400km distance.

Serving a population in our catchment area roughly 1.3 Million people in the hospital and it is increasing. Now the hospital has 200 beds, an outpatient department that sees over 350 patients per day. UNICEF has declared it an "excellence hospital for the fight against malnutrition".

Emergency Service

24 Hour Emergency Service with Overnight Admission

Private Ward

Private Ward for those who need special treatment...

Inpatient Admission

200 beds for admitted patients with different wards (Medical, Surgical, so on...)

Public Health

Public Health service for community works...

St. Luke College

Nursing and Midwirery College for students who are interested.

Special Clinics

We have separate clincs for some services such as Dental, Eye, Orthopedic, Phsychiatric and so on...

Recent Activities

St. Luke Staff are busy with a day to day activities in order to achieve the hospital's goal.
Including workshop activities, capacity building and so on... St. Luke Catholic Hospital and College of Nursing and Midwifery has graduated Midwife and Nursing Students for its 17th consecutive year

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Special Clinics

St. Luke Catholic Hospital has its ownn special clinics such as Eye Clinic, ENT clinic, Dental Clinic and Others.

Clean and Comfortable Wards

We have separate wards for different treatments such as Medical, Surgical, Orthopedic, Maternity together with Neonatology, Delivery Room and others.


St. Luke Catholic has separate pharmacy departments for drug dispensary, where patients are served to purchase drugs, and for pharmacy store, to keep purchased and donated drugs.


We have cheap, fixed and affordable price for each and every service we have; starting from Doctors fee until the patient has admitted and discharged, the price is free and fair.

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Our Partners

Our Partners play a very important role for the growth of the hospital. They
support the hospital in different aspects; the list of participants are as follows...

Contact Us

  • St. Luke Catholic Hospital & College of Nursing / Midwifery
  • P.O.Box.250, Wolisso,
  • South Shoa Zone , Ethiopia
  • E_Mail : stluke.generalmanager@gmail.com
  • Phone :( 251 - 11) 341 0800/0714/0150


  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
  • Wolisso Branch
  • Acc.Name : E.C.S.Wolisso
  • Acc.Number: 10000 2700 3404
  • Swift No: CBETETAA
  • Phone: (251 - 11) 341 0001