Public Health Activities

            The promotion and prevention aspect of health services implemented by St Luke catholic hospital public health department dates back to 2001 when outreach activities in selected Kebeles of Wolisso Rural Woreda were initiated, particularly for the provision of antenatal care service and expanded program of immunization (EPI). Since then the Department expanded its public activities including nutritional screening, food demonstrations, provision of safe water (hand dug wells, boreholes and springs protection), capacity building (supportive supervision and trainings) of health centres and health posts under Wolisso rural, Wolisso urban, Wonchi and Goro Woredas. A large proportion of these activities have been implemented thanks to the collaboration and the financial support of partners, partners such as Doctors with Africa – CUAMM, Children in Cross Fire (CIC), Manos Unidas, etc.

    Synthesis of activities conducted in 2016 within the Hospital

  1. Sanitation of the hospital: Public health has been monitoring and supervising regularly the overall sanitation of the hospital and waste bins have been purchased and distributed in each service delivery units;

  2. Infection prevention: Orientation has been given for 40 hospital cleaners / janitors and 20 hospital kitchen staffs hospital on infection prevention and patient safety.


  4. Disease surveillance: In the reporting year there were frequent disease outbreaks particularly measles and acute watery diarrhea so that public health has been facilitating the management and reporting of cases to the responsible woreda and zone offices for possible action.

  5. Hospital Water source: St Luke hospital has its own water source (three boreholes) so that these water sources needs regular check up therefore in the reported year all the water supply system of the hospital has been tested physically and bacteriologically for possible contamination three times and treated accordingly.

    Synthesis of activities conducted in 2016 outside the Hospital in the community

  1. Support Supervision: Public health department supervision team in collaboration with woreda and zone supervisors have conducted integrated supportive supervision 30

  2. Awareness Creation Activities: Public health department is also doing community sensitization activities about different public health issues such as nutrition, ANC, importance of institutional deliveries, PNC, EPI, TB, cervical cancer, etc.


  4. Nutritional Screening and Food Demonstration Sessions: in order to sensitize mothers and care givers of children how to prepare balanced diet from the available local food staffs and to identify malnourished children for possible treatment and referral , therefore in the reporting year 12 nutritional screening sessions were conducted and a total of 890 children were screened and from those screened 32 children were found to have moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) and 5 were found to have severe acute malnutrition.

  5. Support supervision and sensitisation activities conducted in 2016

  6. Cervical Cancer Screening: The hospital has been providing static cervical screening and treatment service using visual inspection with acetic acid ( VIA ) technique starting 2012 and this service has been strengthened in 2016 by extending this service at outreach sites through mass screening campaigns. A total of 13 mass screening and treatment campaigns have been conducted and a total of 492 women have been screened and among these a total of 27 women were found to be positive for VIA and 23 of them were treated on the spot by cryiotherapy.

  7. Capacity building activities: In collaboration with partners like Doctors with Africa – CUAMM and Children in Crossfire (CIC) trainings have been organized by on a variety of topics (such as TB, cervical cancer, IMNCI/ICCM, EPI and nutrition) for health developmental army leaders, health extension workers, and health professionals.


  9. Water source construction: By the financial support of dedicated partners such as Children in Crossfire, Manos Unidas and other private donors St. Luke hospital has been supporting the rural community by protecting natural springs and constructing wells. In 2016 one spring was protected (in Bedeissa Koricha Kebele of Wolisso Woreda) and three shallow wells were constructed (at Chanchosoyoma Kebele of Goro Woreda, Woranenmegnako and Gurura Baka Kebeles of Wolisso Woreda).

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