Outpatient Services

The OPD is fully operational five days a week for routine outpatient consultations and with Emergency Room services available 24 hours every day with one health officer on duty, 3 nurses and one surgeon and one internist on call.

Under OPD We have the following departments...

Emergency Service

    The Emergency Rooms are part of the Outpatient Department and provide 24 hours emergency consultation. Every patient accessing it undergoes a triage system to assess the severity, before being admitted to the Unit. In 2016 a total of 9,845 patients were attended in the Emergency Rooms.

    In the Outpation Consultaion we have 6 rooms and each room has its assigned clinician and assistant nurses.
    ENT consultation room is one of the special clinc we have under OPD. ENT Consultation room serves patients who has problems in Ear, Nose and Throat.
    Under Psychiatry department we treat patients who has phychological problems; such us Psychosis, Dementia, Schizophrenia and others..
    In Dental Clinic we treat patients with dental problems such us Tooth Extraction, Trauma and Suturing, Root canal and others..

The OPD services, along with the routine clinical services, also include chronic clinics for chronic conditions (TB, diabetes,hypertension, HIV AIDS, cardiac problems, liver diseases, and chronic renal failure). In addition a Psychiatric Unit, Eye Clinic, ENT and Dental Services are available.

    Patients with musculature and bones problem is treated under one of the special clinic called Orthopedic department. In case if surgery is required patients should be consulted in this department.
    Mothers who have complicated pregnancy are treated under Obstetrics and Gynecology connsultation room with Gynecology Doctor in the afternoon session because in the morning session surgery is done for appointed mothers.
    The Eye Unit Department is one of the special clinics we have and it is a very well organized department that contains its own separate consultation room, operation theatre and has its own Specialist Doctor.

    Under TB unit, patients who are exposed to Tuberclosis disease will be given DOT (Direct Observation Tretment). So basically when a patient is dignosed with TB under any of the OPD examination room they are transferred to the TB clinic and follow DOT.

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