The objectives of St. Luke Catholic Hospital and College of Nursing and Midwifery are seen as: Providing quality medical and paramedical services at the lowest cost possible on a non-profit basis. Providing community health and integrated development activities, helping the local communities to become aware of their own health needs and facilitating their meeting these needs. Developing and encouraging the potential within the community, aiming at ultimate self-reliance. Providing opportunities for the hospital staff to develop their professional competence, leadership skills and talents, exercising responsible stewardship in the use of material resources. Providing three years Clinical Nurses training in the St. Luke Catholic Hospital and College of Nursing and Midwifery.

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  • St. Luke Catholic Hospital & College of Nursing / Midwifery
  • P.O.Box.250, Wolisso,
  • South Shoa Zone , Ethiopia
  • E_Mail : stluke.generalmanager@gmail.com
  • Phone :( 251 - 11) 341 0800/0714/0150


  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
  • Wolisso Branch
  • Acc.Name : E.C.S.Wolisso
  • Acc.Number: 10000 2700 3404
  • Swift No: CBETETAA
  • Phone: (251 - 11) 341 0001