Diagnostic Services

          The Hospital offers various diagnostic services which include Laboratory, X-Ray, Ultrasound, and Pathology investigation (the later carried out though by referring specimens to specialised histopathology laboratory in Addis Ababa).


          The Hospital relies on conventional X-ray equipment with manual development of the films. A new digital X-Ray machine was donated to the Hospital by the Oromia Regional Health Bureau and it's been installed and is under functioning. In 2016 the number of X-Rays executed increased to 9,246 (+59%). No stock out of films or other interruptions of the service were experienced.

X-Ray and Ultrasound Investigations


          There are 3 ultrasound equipment, one located in OPD and used for both in - and out-patients, and two portable located in MCH Department and used for gynaecological/obstetrical investigations. Ultrasound investigations reached an unprecedented level of performance (5,309 examinations), largely due to the availability of dedicated expert to perform abdominal ultrasounds and also to the training of a few Health Officers who have acquired sufficient experience to perform this type of investigation.


          ECG examination is still limitedly utilised (only 31 ECGs done in 2016). The reasons are mainly the lack of experience and capacity to correctly interpret the results by most clinicians and the limited possibility to use them for orienting therapies (many cardiologic drugs are not available).


          Laboratory services are offered for outpatients and inpatients. In 2016 the total number of investigations increased by 77.8% over the previous year (plus 71,735 tests executed). Stock-outs of tests has been occasionally experienced but to a much lesser extent than in the previous year. More details are presented in the figure below.

Pathology Investigations

          A total of 90 pathology investigations were conducted in 2016, which led to 40 diagnosis of cancer. Most diagnosis was performed through biopsy. The diagnoses included 32 cervical cancers, 2 breast cancers, 1 leiomiosarcoma, 1 ovary adenocarcinoma, and 1 uterus choriocarcinoma.

Pathology Investigation.

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