St. Luke College of Nursing and Midwifery

Activities on College of Nursing and Midwifry-2016-2017

BEmONC training

Recognition certificate and award to the college

15th - Graduation Ceremony-12th Aug-2017

            St.Luke catholic hospital and College of Nursing College and midwifery were very privileged to celebrate 15th Graduation ceremony of 24 Midwifery students 4th batch-2017. His Excellency Rt. Rev. Bishop Musie, the chair person of the Board of Governors of St.Luke Catholic Hospital, and other 2 bishops were with us with many other religious priests and sister. We were also pleased to invite our stakeholders from Oromia Regional health Beauro Ato. Abera Seifu, Ato.Tolesa Terefe, representative from south west Soha Zonal administration, Ato.Teffera Fayesa Zonal health department head, Ato. Tesfaye Woyesa the Assistant wolisso town mayor, Hospital advisory committee members, Town elders, Kebele leaders, and all other Government officials and church leaders, and all honorable and invited guests, Hearty welcome to you all.

St. Luke College of Nursing 15thGraduation Ceremony!!!

14th - Graduation Ceremony-12th Aug-2017

            St. Luke Catholic College of Nursing & Midwifery started in 2000. Currently it has a total of 90 students in the three years of the Midwifery course. In 2016 a total of 40 midwifery students graduated and all of them got easily and quickly an employment. In the government competency examinations (COC) held at St. Luke’s during the year, First year students achieved 100% result in Level II, Second year students attained 100% in level III. Third year students scored 97.5% in level IV. We appreciate all college faculties who worked hard to transfer their knowledge efficiently.

St. Luke College of Nursing 14thGraduation Ceremony!!!

14th Graduation

– 2016: The Graduation Ceremony of 40 midwives was held on 6th August 2016 presided by the Guest of Honour Rt. Rev. Abune Musie G/Giorgis, Bishop of Emdiber Eparchy and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Hospital. Government officials (Ato Abera Seifu from ORHB, Ato Dejene Urgesa from Zonal Administration Office), religious and parents attended the celebration.

Summary of student’s admissions and results of the last 5 years

Extracurricular activities

  1. One week field experience in Health Centres for the students of the graduate class was organised to give experience of maternal and newborn care at the level of health centres. The health centres were Dilela HC, Guerra HC, Goro HC and Wolisso HC-2.

  2. Two days training on long acting methods Family Planning was attended by the third year students at Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia, Wolisso Youth Centre.

  3. One week training on natural method of family planning by ECS staff third year student.

  4. Students continued their learning also outside the classrooms in various occasions. They were supported to take up leadership roles in the planning and preparation of the International Woman’s Day, one day feeding program for poor elders and children and gave them clothes.

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