St. Luke Catholic Hospital and College of Nursing and Midwifery will provide health care services to people in a spirit of equity and justice, promoting physical and psychological health, without discrimination for religious, ethnic, political, social or economic status. In particular it will promote the defence of life in accordance with the social teaching of the Catholic Church and will guarantee access to health services to those more in need; the poor and the under privileged, the children and the women during pregnancy. The College of Nursing and Midwifery will train Ethiopian citizens to become dedicated and professional health staff to provide quality health service to the community.

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  • St. Luke Catholic Hospital & College of Nursing / Midwifery
  • P.O.Box.250, Wolisso,
  • South Shoa Zone , Ethiopia
  • E_Mail :
  • Phone :( 251 - 11) 341 0800/0714/0150


  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
  • Wolisso Branch
  • Acc.Name : E.C.S.Wolisso
  • Acc.Number: 10000 2700 3404
  • Swift No: CBETETAA
  • Phone: (251 - 11) 341 0001